Monday, May 17, 2010

GF kitties - who knew?

Even our feline friends can join the gluten-free world! I came across this Blue Wilderness canned cat food at Petsmart yesterday and of course those two magic words jumped out at me immediately. While it's true that cats don't really need grains and fillers in their food, in my cynical and non-veterinary opinion the GF labeling here seems to be capitalizing on the recent wave of gluten awareness. Although who knows, maybe it is a plus for celiac pet owners who don't want any gluten in their house whatsoever. Case in point: my cats' favorite treats do contain gluten, so I have to remember to wash my hands after feeding them to make sure no minuscule crumbs transfer to whatever I eat next. Their regular dry food happens to be wheat-free, by coincidence.

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